If you don't do storage, you will lose half of the

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"Without storage, half of the integrated circuit will be lost"

according to customs statistics, last year, most of the lactam products imported from Antwerp 3139 were directly digested within the company, amounting to $230.7 billion, while exports were only $69.3 billion

The import and export deficit of

161.4 billion US dollars indicates that the self-sufficiency rate of domestic integrated circuit products is low. China's integrated circuit market is responsible for achieving self-control

in recent years, the outline for promoting the development of the national integrated circuit industry has been issued, and a national integrated circuit industry investment fund has been established to develop domestic chips and get rid of dependence on imported chips

in the increasingly heated "chip war" between big countries, Hubei is entrusted with the national mission to fill the "zero" gap in the large-scale production of memory chips in China

recently, Optical Valley East waterproof membrane, 1968 acres of wilderness. Of the total investment of US $24billion (about 160billion yuan), US $8billion has been paid in the first phase. In three years, an "aircraft carrier level chip factory" will rise here

Zhao Weiguo, chairman of Ziguang group and Changjiang storage company, said that with the development of mobile Internet, big data and cloud computing, the amount of information is increasing and the demand for storage is increasing. At present, memory chips account for more than 25% of the output value of the entire integrated circuit industry, and may exceed 45% in the next five years. "For China, if the development of integrated circuit industry is not involved in the storage field, it will lose half of the country."

he said that 10 years ago, no chip in China was independently developed and produced, and now it is the third largest chip design manufacturer in the world. Integrated circuits have a very cruel "Moore's law". Every 18 months, there will be a technical iteration, and the investment is huge. The development in the field of science and technology will inevitably be tortuous, but if it is not done, it will never be able to achieve self-control

the technological development of memory chips can be reflected from the common people. 32g or 64g. This "g" refers to storage. In a few years, the storage capacity may reach 1t, equivalent to 1000g. It can store many movies and photos without frequent deletion. The research results show that

after the project is put into operation, the base will have more than 10000 R & D and production engineers. "There are basically no ordinary workers", said Zhao Weiguo. Even the front line is also a production engineer. Because in terms of technical difficulty and total investment, this is a "World War", which requires the best talents in the world. Changjiang storage will soon set up a research and development center in the United States

the official construction of the national memory base project has become a major high-tech industrial project of 100 billion level with structural adjustment and transformation in our province. It is also a new exploration of the mode of "national strategy promotion, local strong support, and enterprise market-oriented operation"

previously, our province had more than 60 chip design, manufacturing, packaging materials and other related enterprises. Wuhan is one of the four industrial clusters of integrated circuits supported by the state

as the project carrier, Wuhan East Lake high tech Zone is accelerating the introduction of key enterprises in chip design, packaging and testing, and actively building an integrated circuit industry ecosystem for business transformation or upgrading in its own field. At the same time, Wuhan International Institute of microelectronics, integrated circuit industry research institute, and national IP trading center are being established to strive to build a world-class integrated circuit industry innovation center

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