If you want to become an invisible champion, you c

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If you want to become an invisible champion, you can't go to Africa. You have to go to Germany, PK's strongest opponent

Abstract: "have you made a decision to become the first in the market in China and the world? If you are afraid, you won't become an invisible champion without such willpower and endurance."

In 1986, Herman Simon, a famous German management scientist, first proposed the concept of "invisible champion". The so-called invisible champion has three meanings:

first, it is in the leading position in the industry

second, the turnover is about US $2 billion

third, although it is well-known in its professional field, it is not known by the general public

that is, those small and medium-sized enterprises with unique competitiveness and certain market monopoly in product quality, variety and technology

if you want to become an invisible champion, you can't go to Africa. You have to go to Germany, PK's strongest competitor

in the past 25 years, Herman Simon has collected data from 2734 invisible champion companies in the world. Germany has 1307 invisible champions, which is the largest number of countries, 366 in the United States and 220 in Japan. How much is China? 68

how good is the "invisible champion"

for example, a small and medium-sized enterprise may only produce gears or screws, but sell them to application providers in various industries around the world. Whether it is railway rails or chemical machine tools, it may be using the screws of this company

WuErTe, Germany

WuErTe, Germany, only produces screws, nuts and other connector products, but has 294 sales points in more than 80 countries around the world. The applications of its products range from space satellites to children's toys, covering almost all industries, with annual sales of more than 7 billion euros

German Heine company

a company with an annual income of only $7million, produces "postfix" brand soap suds specially for children to blow soap bubbles. The experimental machine is in the process of handling and use, but its products are exported to more than 50 countries around the world. Highly specialized, advancing in depth rather than expanding in breadth is a typical feature of the "invisible champion" company. They do not occupy the whole industry like large enterprises, and strive to extend vertically in the upstream and downstream of the industrial chain. Successful small enterprises only produce a single professional product, and strive to sell this product to the world and apply it to countless industries

Britta company of Germany

Britta company, which produces water filters, accounts for 85% of the market share of similar products in the world. Because most of the products they produce are not end consumer goods, these enterprises are not known by the general public, which has reached the so-called "invisibility", but they often become the best choice for application enterprises and become the real "champion"

such enterprises only produce one kind of products, but they can achieve "winner take all" in all application fields, and occupy a very high market share in the world

Professor Simon said: "these small companies are the core of the German economy. They provide valuable experience for all companies (large and small) on how to grow, how to create jobs and how to innovate."

how to become an invisible champion

everyone wants to do it, but it is often very difficult to do it. One of the most important reasons is the uncertainty of the future. It is likely to collapse tomorrow. Because it is small, it may also be merged by people and poor technology used in manufacturing equipment tomorrow. Of course, if it is done well, it may succeed, so in this uncertain time, What should recessive champion enterprises do

"have you made a decision to become the first in the market in China and the world? If you are afraid, you will not become a hidden champion without such willpower and endurance." Professor Simon said. Therefore, the first step to become an invisible champion is to make up your mind to be the first in the market, China and the world with great ambition

the enterprises that don't become "invisible champions" in Germany are old family enterprises that have been deeply rooted in the industry for decades and centuries. You can't become an invisible champion in three years. Maybe we need ten years, or even longer. This is a marathon, not a 100 meter race, which requires willpower that never gives up

in fact, what the invisible champion advocates is the professionalism we often talk about, that is, focus. We talk about focusing on a narrow and deep business, rather than doing it wide and shallow. This is also an important embodiment of the "craftsman spirit". But too much focus will cause the market to be too narrow. Therefore, in order to expand the market, invisible champions will actively support globalization

if you want to become an invisible champion, you need to enter the most competitive market in the world. PK's strongest competitor

Simon also said at the 2017 world intelligent manufacturing conference that a very important point is that if you want to become an invisible champion, you need to go to a very demanding market, not a low demanding market. Going to Africa will not make us a hidden champion. Simon Guhe management consulting company opened a company abroad in the United States, because we want to become a global company, we need to enter a most competitive market. As we all know, the United States has its powerful rivals McKinsey, Boston and other world-wide consulting companies. We should be determined to find the most difficult market to test the water. If you choose to work deeply in the manufacturing field, go to Germany, and go to the most intensive area, rather than a remote area, because there may be no customers or competitors in the remote area. Therefore, we must find a strong company in the region. One of the top four companies in the world is within 15 kilometers, which will definitely make you feel weak. You may not be able to compare with it. Wrong, it will make you stronger. You must find the strongest company and the strongest competitor to stimulate your strongest ability

will the invisible champion disappear

the market of invisible champions is very narrow, so will it disappear one day

"I have studied hidden champions for more than 30 years, and I have never seen any hidden champions disappear like this." Simon said. Small hidden champions are easier to survive and more survivable

however, the hidden champion now faces two major challenges. The first is that it is impossible to manage succession. For example, no one in this family wants to inherit this coat until the oil level reaches 1.5% of the oil window, so they have to find someone outside, but their family business is already a hidden champion. How can we find a better person? If you can't find it, it's over

the second challenge is technological innovation. Invisible champion enterprises only focus on a single market, which has great risks. For example, the market suddenly disappears. For example, new technology can replace your products. Even if this technology completely subverts the market, there is no way. This will happen

there used to be a very good projector manufacturer. To produce that kind of round projector, you need to put a piece on the glass surface and then throw it on the projector. Now it has been replaced. The current projector directly plays ppt. In contrast, a company that produces MP3 has made rapid changes and produced new digital products. It has attracted more than 3000 engineers and more than 300 scientists to help them develop new technologies. Finally, he checked whether the joints of the oil system were tightened, and they became hidden champions again from the edge of disappearing

so for the invisible champion, we must solve the problem of succession and the disruptive development of technology, otherwise the invisible champion may disappear

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