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If the internal combustion engine has 20 years to go, from the current development trend, the research and development of electric vehicles has entered a sprint stage, which is a major historical cycle. Henry Ford, the founder of Ford company, worked in Edison Company before developing cars. Ford's boss once dissuaded Ford from the idea of building cars. He believed that the future was the era of electricity, and the machine softener using petroleum energy would not be long. However, someone from Edison supported Ford's idea. He said that a machine that can carry energy and walk freely will have a promising future. This shows that more than a hundred years ago, great scientists were able to penetrate the fog of history and analyze what human beings wanted to do in the future

electric vehicles have indeed gone through a century of trials and tribulations with industrialized humans. From trams to trolleybuses, we still saw Beijing trolleybuses running at Qianmen when we walked the second ring road yesterday. Although the trolley bus has lost the track, it still needs to follow the cable Sandvik saf 2707 HD straight pipe and U-tube. It can only be an urban public transport. The bottleneck restricting the development of electric vehicles lies in the storage of electric energy

turning to the latest page of the world's industry, we have never entered the digital age. In this way, the world's industrial giants and scientists pay attention to and invest in the research of battery storage. In the field of micro batteries, such as batteries, the research and development of laptop batteries, from one day of standby to more than ten days, this speed is driven by the development of digital technology

however, why does the research and development cycle of automotive batteries lag far behind that of micro batteries? The fundamental reason lies in the prospect of the market. In the era of internal combustion engine, who is willing to invest tens of millions or even trillions of costs to develop automotive batteries? Moreover, people have not made it an urgent matter to change the power ecology of the internal combustion engine in the longer and longer history of a century. Nowadays, oil is facing a record high price of $100 a barrel. If with this trend, the market competitiveness is further improved and moves towards $200, the era of electric vehicles will come

whether from the shortage of oil energy, its price trend, or human requirements for atmospheric environmental protection, oil energy reaching $100 is an important psychological barrier, which will break the consistency of human usage habits and turn to the consumption of electric vehicles. Based on this prospect, if there is a market of 10billion automotive batteries in the world in a year, the automotive battery research field will receive enormous capital investment, and of course, the best talents can also be obtained

only electric vehicles can really save energy

in the initial era of electric vehicles, batteries are used like bricks. However, after entering the era of electric vehicles, automotive batteries will be further optimized, and this optimization process will not end. When the car battery size is smaller, the weight is lighter, the energy storage is larger, and the price is cheaper, the era of energy conservation has come

although the initial automobile battery relieves the labor of the huge internal combustion engine, its storage battery is not energy-saving at all, because the fuel tank of the internal combustion engine carrying energy is an iron box, and the metal of the battery is still a rare metal. If rare metals are used for a long time in fuel grade electric batteries, it will obviously become a problem. If fuel cells break through the existing technology and truly enter the era of iron-based batteries, the history of energy conservation will begin

the collection of electric energy is far more convenient than the exploitation of oil. If solar and wind power become the norm, every family can generate electricity by itself. When China enters the era of smart electricity, the capacity of self-contained power generation will be greatly expanded. Even in the process of using commercial electric energy, the large amount of electricity used by electric vehicles will definitely be Gudian. The so-called valley power refers to the power transmitted by electricity in the second half of the night. The use of electricity is encouraged at this time. Due to modern power generation technology, power consumption has reached the bottom, but the machines in the power generation and supply system have not stopped running. Unused electricity leads to empty consumption. Initially entering the era of electric vehicles, it can directly solve the problem of empty consumption of valley electricity, which is a major energy saving. Therefore, in the era of cascade electricity prices, the power consumption of automobiles will be lower than that of conventional electricity. Due to the extremely weak electrical signal output by the extensometer,

in fact, the trend of electric vehicles is covered up by the technology of internal combustion engine vehicles. If we have an in-depth understanding, countries all over the world have entered a large investment and strong promotion in the research and development of electric vehicles and battery technology. This is a field that starts anew. The relevant new technologies and standards will once again divide the world economic pattern. Who will have new technologies and standards first will once again tap into the rich ore of the economy here, just as the IT industry in developed countries has won a huge amount of world income. Developed countries, too, have once again received gold from harvesters in poor countries

the era of electric vehicles may only come in 20 years. This period is still the era of internal combustion engines, but it can be seen that internal combustion engines are at the end of their strong bow. Even the most advanced internal combustion engines still consume chemical energy and need emissions. Only electric energy, which can collect light, heat, wind, potential, magnetic... Can be converted into power reserves and stored as power fuel. The so-called multi-channel access to clean energy is no more environmentally friendly than the acquisition of electric energy

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