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Stop heating, the heating is not hot, the merchants of Gansu electromechanical hardware logistics center have something to say (picture)

Gansu, China, December 12 (Cheng Jian, Peng Xiaojiao text/picture) recently, Ben Xiaolong received a response from the merchants of Gansu electromechanical hardware integrated logistics center located in tumendun, Qilihe district, Lanzhou City, that the center was forcibly stopped heating. After receiving the response, the interview learned that the heating had been supplied on the evening of December 4, but the temperature in the shops was low, and the merchants still shouted cold. The service department of Fanping heating Co., Ltd., which is in charge of heating in this area, responded that the heating was stopped because some merchants defaulted on heating fees, and the main reason for the lack of heating was that the heating facilities in the shops were not perfect

Gansu electromechanical hardware integrated logistics center

learned from Gansu electromechanical hardware integrated logistics center that some time ago, Fanping heating Co., Ltd. stopped the heating supply of the center and required 80% of the merchants paying heating fees in each building to start heating. Some merchants have defaulted on heating fees for several consecutive years. It is said that over the years, the fees owed to others are as high as more than 3 million. In order to collect fees, the heating company stopped our heating. A merchant complained: we belong to household heating, and some people don't pay. You can stop their heating. Stop our heating, leave the contradiction to us, and let us ask for money for them

the merchant said that in order to keep warm in time, they spontaneously negotiated with the merchants in arrears of heating fees to mobilize them to pay the fees in time. In the past, money was collected only at the end of the heating season. This year, it has become a heating fee paid in advance. Moreover, heating is available for buildings that have negotiated payment, but not for those that have not negotiated payment. The merchant said: for this reason, we offended many people and our neighbors fought for it

indoor temperature of merchants

customers came in shivering with cold, and we couldn't stay there.

heat meters are estimated to have problems. In the end, the cost gap is particularly large for the same area. Last year, the heating fee of a merchant was as high as 19000

it was very hot in previous years, and the water inlet temperature could reach more than 60 degrees, but this year it was not hot, and the water inlet temperature was only 38 degrees

the merchants in the center have problems such as stopping heating and heating, They have expressed doubts and dissatisfaction

the merchant group of the center came to fanpingre Co., Ltd. to interview relevant leaders for answers, but the staff and leaders all went to the meeting and refused. Later, I came to the service department of fanpingre Co., Ltd. to learn about the situation. According to a staff member surnamed Quan, the problem of building a fair and orderly market competition environment is mainly because some merchants are in arrears with heating fees, which are reported to the relevant departments for approval before forcibly stopping heating and charging fees. There are too many arrearages. Without such measures, there is no way to collect fees at all. He introduced that although the heating belongs to household heating, there is no household pipe, so it can't be opened or closed door by door

in view of the problem that the heating is not hot and the merchants have questions about the meter, the staff member said: commercial heating is different from residential heating, and there is no provision for indoor 18 degrees. The temperature reached is determined by negotiation, which overcomes the difficulty that the old digital tube display is prone to failure, but the center has not negotiated with us about this matter. In addition, the inlet water temperature can be adjusted by itself. When the temperature is high, the cost is naturally high, and many people are unwilling to increase it. Moreover, most of the merchants are glass walls, with no thermal insulation facilities, so the heat dissipation is too fast, and the inside is also made of metal materials. Many reasons make it difficult for the temperature to rise, not because our water inlet temperature is not enough. As for the meter, after some merchants raised questions last year, we posted a notice at the gate. Merchants with doubts can register and we will ask a third party to inspect it. But so far, only three merchants have come to inspect it. Last year alone, it will increase the cost of more than 4 billion yuan, but there is no problem

Ben will continue to pay attention to the heating problem of the center, and the general public are also welcome to call Ben Xiaolong to choose a suitable indicator panel (range) and operate 60109 according to the corresponding operating procedures. We will help you with your troubles and difficulties

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