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Blue smoke from the exhaust pipe will cause big trouble! How to solve it

when the weather is cold, white smoke may appear on the exhaust pipe of the vehicle. Some riders asked, is there something wrong with the car? Personal driving has also failed with a minimum reading of 0.0001n

sometimes the exhaust pipe emits not only white smoke, but also black smoke and blue smoke. Under what circumstances will this phenomenon occur when getting off the bus? How to solve it

here are some common phenomena of exhaust pipe smoking for you to solve your doubts

phenomenon 1. Black smoke from the exhaust pipe

this is a true fault, which is caused by the over rich mixture and incomplete combustion

main reasons: the automobile engine is overloaded, the cylinder pressure is insufficient, the engine temperature is too low, the carburetor is improperly adjusted, the air filter element is blocked, individual cylinders do not work and the ignition is too late

solution: check whether the choke is fully opened in time, and repair it if necessary; After flameout, look at the main nozzle from the carburetor port. If oil is injected or dripping, the oil level of the float chamber is too high. Adjust it to the specified range, tighten or replace the main measuring hole; The air filter is blocked and should be cleaned, dredged or replaced

phenomenon 2. The exhaust pipe of the vehicle emits blue smoke

first judge this fault, cause analysis: it is caused by a large amount of oil entering the cylinder, but it cannot be completely burned

direct fault diagnosis method: remove the spark plug, and you can find serious carbon deposition

check whether the oil level of the oil dipstick is too high; Whether the clearance between cylinder and piston is too large; Whether the piston ring is installed reversely; Whether the intake valve guide is worn or whether the sealing ring is damaged; Whether the cylinder gasket is burnt, including the corrosion of servo valve, digital valve, proportional valve, etc., which should be repaired if necessary

phenomenon 3. White smoke is emitted from the exhaust pipe of the vehicle

it is serious when the vehicle is cold, and it will not emit white smoke after the vehicle is hot. This is a normal situation. Cause: the gasoline contains water, and the engine is too cold. At this time, the fuel entering the cylinder is not completely burned, resulting in fog spots or water vapor to form white smoke

in winter or rainy season, white smoke can often be seen when the car is first started. It doesn't matter. Once the reduction of area machine is started, the temperature system will provide simulation test analysis, and the white smoke will disappear. This condition does not require maintenance


try to avoid Trailer phenomenon during daily driving, which is prone to incomplete combustion. If carbon deposition is serious and black smoke is serious, maintenance should be carried out as soon as possible

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