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Do what you want (III)

do what you want (III) -- a discussion on the post press processing market in China printing and packaging

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Fuji starlight technical problem solving information source: China printing and packaging Pitney Bowes

Pitney Bowes company is selling a set of high-speed, multi-function direct mail system in the market, which makes business letters more humanized, This machine is called docum environmental protection new material, and it is valued by atch integrated mail system. It is the only system on the market that integrates stationery printing, letterhead writing and envelope processing. It can make targeted letter pulp and envelope for a person, which fully reflects the characteristics of personalization. After it is processed, the letter avoids the usual phenomena of business letters such as address label distortion and address error. There is no feeling of "junk" email at all

documatch system connected with windows based personal computer makes people feel as simple as using a conventional printer. Address labels and documents can be directly generated by word and sent to the system. Then the system prints out different envelopes and letter pulp according to the format, folds all the printed manuscripts, cards or other things that need to be attached, and inserts them into the envelope together. Finally, glue it and seal it, waiting for the weight to be measured. The system also has its own detection system, which is used to check that the letters have been damaged in the process of processing. If it is unqualified, the system will automatically eliminate it and reprint it without human intervention

pitney Bowes' postal system division recently announced the launch of a 5series desktop insert system with optical mark recognition. It can print products like ordinary letters, complete high-speed and personalized work, and usher in a new era of desktop printing products in the postal field

this system processes 4200 letters per hour, 20 times that of manual operation. It is the best choice for dealing with all kinds of business, sales or other transaction letters. The system can transfer up to five matching pages, and can automatically complete the tasks of folding, inserting letters, sealing, etc. The letter paper conveyor is directly connected with the processor, which ensures the stability and fast operation of the whole system. The machine is also equipped with pretreatment function, which can print a sample for inspection before formal printing processing. The double document detector can automatically detect the correctness of the number of input stationery; Divert before sealing can eliminate unqualified letters; Clear the deck automatically clears the transmission channel after each letter is processed

rollem corp.

rollem's auto-4 Multipro multifunction machine can carry out marking, punching, indentation, cutting, bronzing, embossing and other work. The whole processing process of 10000 prints can be completed every hour. It is very useful for the printing of business cards with more than 4 colors. Bronzing area up to 4 × 4 inches

auto-4 CPS can complete marking, perforation, indentation, cutting and other work. Each process can be carried out separately or completed at the same time. Through computer control, auto-4 CPS can print multiple numbers on single-sided paper. Up to 40 copies. It is especially applicable to receipts, restaurant invoices, movie tickets and other bills. The machine can also be used for 11 × Folding of 17 format paper. All sizes are 4 × 4 to 18 × 23 inch paper can be processed. Even in the case of continuous paper, it can also complete the functions of pressing, punching, coding and so on. In other aspects, the machine also has the functions of electronic operation storage and batch counting

deep pile system can complete pressing, punching, slitting and half slitting. 18000 articles per hour. All kinds of thick cardboard weighing up to 20 pounds can be processed. The paper feeding part is designed to be strong and durable, and the stack height of the paper stack can reach 30 inches at a time. The machine also has a double axis line pressing device, which can carry out secondary line pressing. The first time is shallow, and the second time is deep. In this way, the occurrence of fracture can be reduced, so that the operator does not have to worry about the page, texture and weight of the paper in the process of processing

standard duplicating machine corp.

standard's post press system division launched standard horizon speedvac saddlestitching high-speed sewing system. The core device is vac-100 10 station upright inspiratory pager. It adopts vacuum rotating pulse technology. At most, it can meet the needs of six vac-100 towers to supply 10 routes and 60 points

the high-speed speedvac provides a strong guarantee for the front desk post press processing facilities of the equipment, such as vibrating paper breakers, flat stackers, stitching, folding, trimming and other equipment necessary for generating books. The conveying part of finished products, such as paper receiving and stacking, can also be supported according to the program settings. The whole system can process 9500 pages of 5.8x5.8 to 13.8x 19.7 inches of paper per hour

accubind document binding system is a better desktop binding system, which can bind documents into volumes with professional sending and receiving, and adopts an efficient and economical hot melt glue bonding method. It can be formed in one step without punching and punching. The product is flat and durable

standard horizon gms-7 spinetap provides further processing functions for bound books. The length of the spine tape can be more than 3.1 inches during manual operation. When the machine is operated, the spine tape can be between 7.1 and 12.5 inches. The machine adopts bottom loading and can process 4000 copies per hour

sta expects to maintain a good growth momentum in the next few years. Ndard bq-440 is a single person bookbinding machine that can handle 1000 volumes per hour. The machine is composed of self inspection console, high-speed grinding and roughening device, three roll rubber drum, automatic cover supply system, etc

standard bq-260 and bq-440 are basically the same in structural design, and 600 copies are produced every hour. The three binding modes provided can be fine roughing binding, fine non roughing binding or just filling. Vitality assay, service assured cover supply is friction feeding method

bq-140, which is lower grade, is a good binding machine and filler machine for short version printing. Manual feeding of envelopes, 150 copies per hour. The machine roughens twice to facilitate the penetration of glue and strengthen the binding effect

bq-333 standalone perfect binder of standard horizon is operated by touch screen, which can automatically set and complete the binding work. One person operation can complete 200 copies per hour, which can be used with high-speed laser printers and traditional lithographic printers

standard company has recently added two strong players to its post press equipment team: spf-9a bookletmaker and fc-9a Timmer trimming machine for QCP bookletmaker system. Spf-9a bookletmaker improves the stand spf-9 bookletmaker and realizes full automatic operation. It is connected with the stand QCP collator through two circuits to bind manuals, fold single pages, and bind the ends or corners of books. The machine transmission system is driven by a motor and can produce 2100 copies of 22 pages of printed books per hour


swaneck's Pro cut 320 MPs paper cutter is 32 inches wide, 57.5 high, 72 long and 3200 pounds, fully meeting ANSI safety requirements. It can store 999 sets of programs and 2000 kinds of cutting data. Oil cooling system, automatic sorting. The maximum paper cutting width is 38.125 inches. Foot operated mechanical soft paper clip, equipped with emergency stop switch and lock switch. Double arm spine paper clamping control, oil volume and filter indicator light display, etc

other new products:

-- Stop Starting the oil pump on the high-voltage line or check the reason --

Graphic wizard

Graphic wizard recently launched two series of models: "GM" marking, punching, indentation, slitting machine series and "finishmaster" high-speed drilling, indentation, slitting machine series

the most advanced part of these products is their "modular" design. All equipment can be upgraded in this series. Therefore, if users need to improve the performance of purchased machines, they only need to upgrade the relevant parts directly, rather than eliminate the whole set of equipment

graphic Whizard all series of digital terminals can rotate 360 degrees, and can be fixed in any position, suitable for any form of coding. If you want to make twisted coding, just twist and arrange the numbers in the box. However, the angle of each rotation of the wharf can only be increased by 90 degrees. The machine is controlled by a chip and can be adjusted according to the forward or backward direction, so it can be printed on the paper as required

dick Moll sons

the tru count 733 batch counter produced by the company can automatically count by category, which can effectively prevent errors in manual counting, printing, binding, mailing, etc. Infrared counting detector and quantity marking device, which can range from 1 to 9999. The machine is also equipped with eight large-area LED digital displays, which can display the production speed per hour, as well as AC and DC signal lights


Riso company has recently launched the ps8050 machine, which can be used in the production line to complete punching, slitting, pressing, coding and other work. It is the first machine that can be used together with a digital duplicator. If combined with gr3770 printing machine, the printing and post press processing of books can be completed at one go. The machine can complete various tasks, such as pressing three fold flyers, letters, postcards, making tear proof receipt cards, cutting multiple materials, and coding various forms of receipts and bills

spiel associates

the economical Sterling drill small three head drill launched by spiel associates has a bit height of 3 inches and a size of 2 or 3 inches. Hydraulic transmission, speed adjustable. The hole diameter of the hole is 0 5625 inches. Spiel associates also equipped the machine bit with a micrometer and a side guide device

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