If the crushing ratio between the hottest differen

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If the crushing ratio between different models is different, it is an internationally advanced high-energy and low-consumption equipment, whose performance plays an irreplaceable role in all kinds of ore crushing equipment. It is the most effective, practical and reliable artificial sand making machine at present

in order to achieve the best crushing effect, many electronic tensile testing machines of different machines, hydraulic cone crushers with interchangeable sensor structures adopt different combinations of crushing parameters. The main shaft fixed multi cylinder hydraulic HP500 cone crusher has a gentle cone slope and parallel belt length, so it must adopt large deviation, high frequency and large ore discharge outlet operation; The main shaft floating single cylinder hydraulic crusher has steep gradient and short parallel belt, so it must adopt small deviation and small ore discharge port operation. Only in this way can the processing capacity and discharge particle size achieve the best comprehensive effect. However, due to the limitation of its own structure, it can not effectively achieve the operation of a small ore outlet, which means that providing full-automatic power failure protection requires a large crushing force. Since the structure of the rotary crusher is adopted, but the heavy design of the rotary crusher is not adopted, it is impossible to provide a large crushing force. Therefore, in the actual production and operation, the discharge port cannot be locked. In case of hard ore, in order to lock the discharge port, the frame often cracks

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