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Jingchu printers: transfer employment promotes economic development

the labor export brand of "Jingchu printers" is established with the printers in Luoshan Town, Honghu City, Hubei Province as the representative and Guangzhou as the main export place to carry out printing business. After the development and expansion of the printing industry, it drives the development of other industries, and feeds back to hometown entrepreneurship, which promotes local transfer employment and economic development

at the beginning of the 1990s, farmers in Luoshan town took advantage of the large demand for printing materials in the urban area and surrounding counties and cities to spontaneously set up printing plants, mainly engaged in the printing of various forms and materials. In 1996, Honghu labor employment training center took advantage of the situation and organized three training courses for printers in the town, training 246 people, and some printers were introduced by Honghu job agency center to work in Guangzhou. After nearly 10 years of development, farmers in this town have vigorously set up printing plants in Baiyun District of Guangzhou to develop printing business and expand to other industries. The printers in Luoshan town have set up 37 printing enterprises, hotels, supermarkets and small restaurants, with a total number of 13000 employees, more than 2300 permanent residents, an annual per capita net income of nearly 30000 yuan, and an annual output value of 2.82 billion yuan. Luoshan people have built a new Songbai village in Sanyuanli. In recent years, through the investment attraction of Luoshan Township Committee, the space is located above the host machine. Luoshan printing entrepreneurs from Sanyuanli have successively set up eight enterprises in their hometown, including Liyuan science and technology new building materials factory, transformer factory, famous and high-quality aquaculture factory, cotton textile factory, gravel factory, etc., with a total investment of 230million yuan, which has effectively promoted the transfer of employment and economic development of farmers in the town and surrounding towns, and has become the shining point of the city's Township labor export

since this year, the municipal labor and employment administration, together with the Municipal Federation of trade unions and Luoshan town public security police station, has established a comprehensive office for employment tracking services, rights protection, and registered residence public security management in Songbai new village, Sanyuanli, to carry out services such as the acceptance of labor dispute cases, rights and interests protection, resident ID card replacement, and labor union and Party building activities for migrant workers and businessmen in this city

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