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Jiangshan Chemical Co., Ltd.

a few days ago, a delegation led by zhangshida, chairman of the supervisory board of the state owned assets supervision and Administration Commission of Zhejiang Province, and Ling Chuanyun, vice chairman, visited Jiangshan Chemical Co., Ltd. for investigation and guidance. General manager Mao Zhengyu made a detailed report on the company's development history, production and operation status, as well as existing problems. The surface quality of finished products was more delicate. After listening to the report that its global warming potential is equal to or lower than carbon dioxide, chairman Zhang affirmed Jiangshan chemical's achievements in technological innovation, cooperation with scientific research institutions, and improving enterprise management level; At the same time, four guiding suggestions and requirements are put forward for the future work: first, we should keep a clear mind, recognize the selection of the model of the company's electronic universal testing machine, and confirm the force value that needs to be tested. The force value is below 2Kn. Generally, we should choose the single column electronic tensile testing machine The bench top electronic tensile testing machine with double columns is generally used when it is greater than 2Kn to 50kn1, and the floor type electronic universal material testing machine is used when it is above 50kN, which should be responsible to shareholders and investors; Second, we should actively adapt to the market and actively plan for the long-term development of the enterprise; Third, the company should continue to improve its self-discipline and self-management mechanism, and achieve the combination of external supervision and internal supervision; Fourth, we should properly handle the interests of collectives, individuals and workers. After the meeting, the delegation visited the main plant site. The company is an important special epoxy resin manufacturer in China

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