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With the consent of the provincial government, 15 departments including the provincial development and Reform Commission of 1.5875mm steel ball reform jointly issued the notice on policy opinions on promoting automobile consumption in our province, and issued eight policy opinions on promoting automobile consumption around the supply side, use side and consumption side

Article 1 to improve the supply quality of automobile products, the focus is to optimize the structure of automobile products, cultivate independent brands of Jiangsu automobile, improve the quality and service of automobile products, and guide automobile enterprises in our province to improve the supply quality of automobile products

Article 2 encourage the consumption of new energy vehicles, and the focus is to continue to implement the national and provincial preferential policies for the promotion and application of new energy vehicles, and expand new energy. A) automatic reset: the computer receives the instruction to start the experiment, and the source vehicle promotion and application scope provides high precision. The subsidy for the purchase of new energy vehicles and the exemption from vehicle purchase tax, which were originally scheduled to expire at the end of 2020, will be extended for two years. In principle, new and updated public sector vehicles in the province, such as public transport, leasing, sanitation, commuting, light logistics and distribution vehicles, will use new or clean energy vehicles

Article 3 improve the supporting facilities of new energy vehicles, focusing on strengthening the construction of urban charging facilities and new energy parking spaces, and encouraging the formulation of preferential policies for free parking of new energy vehicles. Urban public parking spaces are planned to be dedicated parking spaces with charging facilities at a proportion of no less than 10%, and public parking lots invested by the government are encouraged to park new energy vehicles for one hour free

Article 4 accelerate the elimination of scrapped old vehicles, and the focus is to encourage the formulation of diesel truck exit subsidy policies, improve the subsidy standards for scrapped old vehicles, and promote the consumption and renewal of new energy vehicles. For those who eliminate old cars and buy new energy passenger vehicles, financial rewards and subsidies will be given according to the original standard of 1.5 times and not less than 3000 yuan during the epidemic period

Article 5 to smooth the circulation and trading of second-hand cars, the focus is to strengthen the management of the second-hand car industry, standardize the behavior of second-hand car distribution enterprises, and implement preferential tax policies. From May 1st, 2020 to December 31st, 2023, taxpayers engaged in second-hand car distribution business will sell their purchased second-hand cars and levy value-added tax at a reduced rate of 0.5%

Article 6 expand the rural automobile consumption market, focusing on implementing the national "automobile to the countryside" policy and encouraging and supporting rural automobile 3 Brand importance: car consumption. The registered automobile production enterprises in the province are encouraged to give preferential prices to the rural residents in our province to purchase the trucks of 3.5 tons or less or the passenger cars of 1.6 liters or less (including new energy vehicles) produced by them within a certain period of time, and the districts and cities where the automobile production enterprises are located are given appropriate subsidies according to the situation

Article 7 optimize automotive consumer financial services, focusing on encouraging financial institutions to increase support for personal automotive credit and product innovation

Article 8 upgrade the automobile consumption environment, focusing on improving the service quality of automobile consumers and creating a good consumption environment

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