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Jiangxi: strengthen the management of quarantine marks of crop seeds

in view of the current crop seed varieties in the market, there are often problems such as "many, messy, miscellaneous", and the physical density of stone materials should be controlled well. Dealers do not understand professional knowledge, or have certain professional knowledge but operate fake and inferior seeds and do not adapt to local planting because of interest, Jiangxi Province timely promulgated and implemented the measures for the administration of quarantine marks of crop seeds in Jiangxi Province, and decided to pay close attention to the management of quarantine marks of crop seeds in 2006, standardize the behavior of seed quarantine, and protect the legitimate interests of farmers and seed farmers. The following details: benefits

at present, Dongxiang County, Wuyuan County and other counties in Jiangxi Province have implemented the unified management of crop seed quarantine marks throughout the county. All crop seed dealers in the county should apply for free quarantine marks at the plant protection station before selling seeds. The specific procedures for applying for quarantine marks are as follows: 1. Apply and fill in the quarantine mark application form. 2. Submit valid plant quarantine certificates (quarantine certificates or place of origin quarantine certificates for transporting plastic films, rubber, wires and cables, steel, glass fiber and other materials); Seeds that have not been quarantined or have incomplete quarantine procedures must apply for supplementary inspection, and seeds that have obtained quarantine certificates can apply for quarantine marks. 3. Declare the number of seeds and retail packaging (minimum packaging) specifications. 4. Each plant protection and inspection station shall issue quarantine marks according to the approved quantity and packaging specification according to the valid quarantine certificate

it is reported that quarantine marks are uniformly provided free of charge by plant protection stations in all districts, cities and counties (districts, cities). Before seeds are sold on the counter, seed dealers should apply for quarantine marks from relevant departments and paste them on the outer packages of seeds that pass the quarantine. At the same time, the plant inspection stations of all plant protection stations will strengthen the inspection of the plant quarantine market, focusing on the inspection of the quarantine marks on the outer packages of seeds. The packaged seeds without quarantine marks will be inspected. In addition, quarantine marks shall not be used for seeds that have not applied for quarantine marks, and quarantine marks of different seeds or different batches shall not be mixed. All plant protection and inspection stations will be severely punished in accordance with relevant laws and regulations for violations of the measures of Jiangxi Province for the administration of quarantine marks of crop seeds

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