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Jiangmen physical and chemical analysis instrument China Europe Express dry port logistics company Juhai

Warsaw, Poland. 5 Harbin, Europe, Germany and China began to negotiate, 6 Chengdu, Europe, Chengdu, Poland, Rhodes, Germany, Nuremberg, the Netherlands, Tilburg extension, Xiamen, Europe, Shenzhen, Chengdu, Europe). Yixin Europe Yiwu - Duisburg, Germany, heraton, Afghanistan, 8 New Europe Hefei - malasevic, Poland, Hamburg, Germany, 9 Xi'an - Xi'an, Europe - Chongqing - Hamburg/Duisburg, 10 Changsha, Hunan and Europe - Hamburg, Germany, China to Warsaw, Poland, Hamburg, Germany to Warsaw, Poland. All LCL services realize door-to-door delivery. After arriving at the European station, the truck is delivered to the door, and the door-to-door one-stop service is realized throughout the process. In fact, the problem of China Europe train subsidy is very complex. The experimental machine uses a small panel control system to control and collect raw data. Some things cannot be seen from the surface. But some things can not be developed by wishful thinking, because they are not practitioners

two China Europe trains from Shanxi have successively entered the railway freight transit station in Duisburg, Germany. This is the China Europe train from Shanxi that arrived in Duisburg. At 10:28 on September 28, 2018, a container freight train loaded with Jingdezhen ceramics, tea and other products departed from Jingdezhen east railway station in Jiangxi Province and headed for Moscow, Russia. This is the China Europe train from Jingdezhen, the "Millennium capital of porcelain", and it is also the first time Jingdezhen porcelain and tea have taken the China Europe train to "go abroad"

it took 4 years, from the 500th train to the 1000th train. It took seven months, from the 1000th train to the 1500th train, only five months. Since the China Europe train from Chongqing started on March 19, 2011, 16 cities such as Suzhou have successively opened container trains to 12 European cities such as Duisburg, Germany and Madrid, Spain, and 39 train operation routes have been paved. The average daily driving distance in China is more than 1300 kilometers, and the China Europe train is safe and fast., Comprehensive advantages such as little natural influence. It has become the backbone mode of land transportation in logistics, and connects the land trade channel between China and Europe in order to serve China's foreign economic and trade development. Realize road connectivity between China and Europe. Smooth logistics has provided transportation capacity guarantee for promoting the construction of the "the Belt and Road". Please introduce the significance of the China Europe train brand

Qingbaijiang area of Sichuan pilot Free Trade Zone officially launched the pilot project of China Europe train (Chengdu) - Poland Roz "anzhimao" on the 30th. There are 8.0 limited company LCD TV accessories worth more than US $1.97 million as the first batch of pilot goods. All customs formalities have been completed and will be exported to Europe by China Europe train (Chengdu)

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and then added the freight of 20000 kilometers by sea. This was not worth it. In order to solve this problem, we looked at the map and thought of the Chongqing Xinjiang Europe railway. This railway has existed since the 1950s, because the inland railway to Xinjiang existed decades ago. Why didn't we turn it into a major transportation channel between Europe and Asia? The inland region flows eastward and depends on the trend of coastal areas. Chongqing, as a western region, used to be the same. When we cooperated with HP, its enterprises and Japanese enterprises, we introduced a proposition, that is, global network terminal products. Various intelligent facilities. 40% are consumed in Europe, including Western Europe, Eastern Europe and Russia, 30% in the United States, Canada and Brazil, and 30% in Southeast Asia. Japan, the second story

the first flight of the China Europe train (Yiwu Liege) "electronic trading platform (ewtp) rookie" set out from Yiwu, Zhejiang Province on October 9, passing through Kazakhstan, Russia, Belarus, Poland and Germany, and then arriving in Liege, Belgium. By the end of October, the cumulative number of China Europe trains had reached nearly 20000

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