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On December 26, Sun Gang, vice governor of Jiangxi Province, visited daibang (Jiangxi) business card printing Co., Ltd., Jiangxi fengcaili printing and packaging Co., Ltd., Jiangxi Golden Sun Education Research Co., Ltd. and other enterprises to inspect some non-public publishing and printing enterprises in Nanchang

at Jiangxi Golden Sun Education Research Co., Ltd., Sun Gang learned about the research, development and distribution of teaching aids of the company. Subsequently, Sun Gang held a symposium for the heads of some non-public ericospini owned publishing enterprises. Sun Gang affirmed the achievements made by non-public publishing enterprises in Jiangxi Province, and proposed that the non-public economy is a force that can not be ignored to deal with the crisis of material concept, which will reduce capital and save energy at the same time. To speed up the development of cultural industry and publishing industry, we should focus on the non-public economy; We should study and formulate countermeasures to support the cultural industry in the international financial crisis as soon as possible; We should further strengthen publicity, sum up experience and form an atmosphere for accelerating development

the transformation of the coal-fired furnace of the plastic granulator system has become an important issue to be solved urgently

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