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The group "English" is gathered! Come to the textile machinery exhibition to have a preview

in November, the jade is exhausted, the frost is condensed, and the flowers are falling. With the cold wind, the 19th Shanghai International Textile Industry Exhibition will be held grandly in Shanghai New International Expo Center, bringing a surge of heat to this magic city. Yingweiteng (Booth No. e4f46), as your trusted provider of industrial control and energy efficiency solutions, meets Zhihui textile to step out with you for a better life

in this textile exhibition, NVIDIA will focus on the latest applications of NVIDIA in chemical fiber, spinning, weaving and other industries, comprehensively improve the efficiency, reliability and product quality of textile machinery, and bring you intelligent and efficient solutions for the textile industry. Next, I will introduce the star products with both strength and beauty on display:

Fashion Star: sl212 loom dedicated two in one take-up and let off servo

loom dedicated, innovatively combining the two servo controllers of take-up and let off into one, which is smaller, more efficient and more stable. The optimized algorithm makes the tension control more stable and has a better inhibition effect on various parking gears. This set of beauty and performance in one, only to meet your needs

2. Variety: AX70 programmable controller

1 nanosecond basic instruction processing speed, suitable for a variety of applications, integrated with a wealth of motion control functions, is widely used in electronic manufacturing, printing, packaging, textile, general machinery manufacturing and other industries, fashionable and versatile, flexible, there is always one you want

3. Perfect rookie: da180 basic AC servo driver obtains the displacement of the beam by measuring the output pulse number of the photoelectric encoder

NVIDIA's new generation of simplified single axis servo products not only retain the main functions and advantages of da200 High-Performance AC servo driver, but also greatly reduce the volume. Be practical oriented, return to the source of manufacturing, appropriately respond to your needs, and expand worry free. Change for you, understand you unchanged

4. Charismatic leader: ws900 intelligent integrated water jet loom electronic control system

a new modular design, cost-effective overall solution of high-speed water jet loom electronic control system integrating loom controller, weft storage pattern control, electronic take-up, electronic let off, and spindle variable frequency drive. Tailored for the weaving industry, how can you refuse with such intention

5. Strength: goodrive800 series engineering drive frequency converter

module 4. After the sample is broken, the equipment is equipped with non-stop blocking design, with compact and complete structure, strong performance, rich interfaces, a variety of communication methods, and can be connected with a variety of field buses; Rich functions to meet the needs of a variety of applications. Unremitting experience, designed to escort you

6. Pioneer of innovation and change: the special spindle servo direct drive system for looms

is customized and developed for weaving users. It originates from the leading servo platform of NVIDIA. It is equipped with a standard direct drive AC permanent magnet motor, which greatly improves the motor efficiency, improves the starting torque, reduces mechanical accessories, reduces transmission losses, and is perfect for the use environment of water jet and air-jet looms, reduces maintenance costs, and saves electric energy. Slow inching, as you wish. It comes with real-time speed adjustment to meet different weaving varieties.. It has a fixed angle start and stop function, which can be set at will according to the variety. Real time monitoring of motor temperature, current, power consumption, motor over temperature protection, intelligent and reliable. Customized for you, how can you miss it

in addition to the above popular new products, we will also display a series of servo products such as single let off servo, winding servo, da200, DA300, as well as frequency converters such as gd350 and gd600, plus tension sensors, HMI, encoders and other products, in an effort to show our all-round integrated system solutions to customers in the textile industry

since its entry into the textile industry for 14 years, inveterate has continued to cultivate the textile sub industry. Based on leading driving technology and control technology, and with technological innovation and process innovation as the core, inveterate has provided personalized, professional, integrated, intelligent, efficient and energy-saving solutions for customers in the textile industry. Constantly strive to improve the level of industrial intelligence and sustainable development in these fields, create value for OEM customers and end users in the industry, and promote the textile industry to move towards the path of electronic technology and intelligent equipment

at present, inverton has developed excellent products and solutions for customers and industries in warp knitting machines, water jet looms, air-jet looms, texturing machines, electronic take-up and let off, chemical fiber splitters, staple fiber double twisters, carding machines, roving machines, spinning machines, rotor spinning machines, shuttleless looms, needling machines, non-woven production lines, chemical fiber production lines and other sectors. All instruments will have certain problems in the process of use. We also hope that you will know what you need, answer your doubts and solve your worries in this exhibition

we dress up just to make an appointment with you

time: November 2, 2019 in the case that China's conventional high-tech biomedical material market is basically monopolized by foreign investors, Japan

location: Shanghai New International Expo Center

booth number: e4f46, we'll see you and see you

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