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The Symposium on polymer nanocomposites

learned at the "Symposium on the industrialization of polymer nanocomposites" concluded in Beijing on April 25 that at present, the technology in the field of polymer nanocomposites in China is becoming more and more mature, and is in a critical period from basic research to industrialized application. We should speed up the construction of relevant standards for polymer nanocomposites, and strengthen the coordination and cooperation between scientific and technological circles and industry, Focusing on key breakthroughs will be the top priority to promote the industrialization of polymer nanocomposites in China, which has been widely recognized by the fair maintainers attending the meeting

Professor Zhang Lide, chief scientist of the national "973" nanomaterials project, pointed out at the meeting that China has a history of more than ten years of research on nanomaterials, and is one of the few countries in the world to intervene in this field earlier. However, the current situation of industrial application is not satisfactory, not only lagging behind the advanced countries with developed technology, but also has a further widening trend compared with some countries in East Asia. The main reason for this situation is that, on the one hand, due to the copying and misunderstanding of the concept of nano, some people regard the innovation process of this technology as too simple; On the other hand, the existing isolated and single research model in China has seriously restricted the pace of industrialization

after full exchange and discussion, the experts and scholars attending the meeting reached a consensus that with the gradual maturity of technology, the further clarity of commercial application prospects, and the deepening of world economic integration, the domestic and international market competition of polymer nanocomposites will become increasingly fierce. At present, the polymer project in China has been supported by the "hundred talents plan" project of the Chinese Academy of Sciences and the fund of cooperative enterprises. The task of nanocomposite industrialization has become very urgent. We should focus on the focus of national development strategy, combine the key problems existing in traditional industries, and take market demand as the guidance to carry out work, strengthen the cooperation between the scientific community and the industry. Different impact test methods can be selected for different materials or different uses, and focus on tackling key problems, Give full play to team advantages, select research fields with resource advantages and great significance to national economic development, make key breakthroughs, and form a distinctive scientific and technological innovation system

during this meeting, a total of 24 reports were exchanged, covering the scientific research status, development trend, production process and industrialization progress of polymer nanocomposites. The discussion focus of this meeting and the consensus reached by all parties will also be submitted to the relevant departments in the form of proposals, in order to provide decision-making for the government and enterprises. In addition, the willingness of steel mills to purchase internal powder is not high, so as to provide necessary guidance and technical support for advanced nanocomposites to provide China's economic construction and national defense security services as soon as possible

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