The hottest polymerization MDI rose significantly

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Polymerized MDI rose significantly after the festival. In the consumption of low-cost sources, after the listing price of domestic polymerized MDI manufacturers increased in May, the market rose significantly after the festival. Most traders are willing to raise prices due to the gradual increase of late costs. Although there are still low-cost sources in the market, they are still in consumption, and most traders are bullish in the future. The downstream inquiry is more active than that in the early stage, and the enthusiasm to find low-cost sources is higher. The low price supply in the market is smooth

as for the low price transaction phenomenon in the current market, most traders said that the cost of supply will gradually rise in the later stage. With the gradual increase of cost pressure after the low price supply transaction, the market upward trend is inevitable. Next, we will analyze the future market from the following points:

First: upstream raw material aniline. Recently, the price of aniline has been strong. Supported by the tight supply of goods, the ex factory price of the manufacturer has been strong between yuan/ton

second: cost. Three domestic manufacturers have been listed in May, which is significantly higher than that in April. The upward trend is obvious under the pressure of raw material costs

third: demand. As the temperature gradually warms up, it is better to re tension the tension testing machine when it is found to be loose due to the temperature rise and fall in the North China insulation industry. There is a good demand for refrigerators and freezers

fourth: low price supply. There are still low-cost sources in the market, but judging from the market reaction, the current consumption of low-cost sources is relatively fast

fifth: manufacturers. The Shanghai WorldExpo may affect the operating rate of Shanghai factories

looking forward to the future market. 9. Its lead screws and transmission parts should be lubricated regularly: from the market point of view, the later market supply cost will gradually rise, the low-cost supply will gradually reduce after consumption, and the demand of the downstream insulation industry will gradually increase. In terms of news, the positive factors in the market in the later period are obvious. It is expected that the domestic aggregate MDI market will rise to a certain extent in the later period, and there is room for real-time elimination due to defects, but the specific extent still needs to pay attention to the consumption of low-cost sources and the recovery of downstream

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