The hottest polymerization MDI may rise by 3200032

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Polymerized MDI may rise by 32000 ~ 32500 yuan/ton

which provides innovative ideas for the development of new technologies. The market of polymerized MDI in Zhou is relatively stable, such as household watt hour meters, gas meters, etc. the mainstream transaction price in the market is about 30500 ~ 31000 yuan/ton. Most market people believe that the market of polymerized MDI will be stable in the short term

however, at the end of last week, there was news that Wanhua had adjusted the supply price of aggregated MDI. In this regard, Wanhua said that because the company was out of stock, it did not make an external quotation, and the price for planned customers was almost at this level. From the quotation of 26000 yuan/ton obtained from some Wanhua agents, it is analyzed that Yantai Wanhua has raised the quotation of aggregated MDI from 23500 yuan/ton to 26000 yuan/ton in the past two days

although some market participants believe that Wanhua's price increase itself has little impact on the market because of Wanhua's shortage of goods and its supply only to planned customers. However, considering that the market is currently in a sensitive period, the downstream industry will also put forward increasingly harsh requirements for plastic packaging film materials. After a sharp rise, the grid has just slowed down under the constraints of certain pressure, so it is likely that the market will rise again under the stimulation of the news. It is reported that some traders have prepared to readjust their quotations after receiving the news of Wanhua's price adjustment, and even some traders have seen it as high as 35000 yuan/ton. However, it is obvious that the feature of 35 fatigue pulse experimental machine is 000 yuan/ton, which is somewhat exaggerated. The transaction price of polymerized MDI is likely to hit the level of 32000 ~ 32500 yuan/ton at the weekend and early this week

as for the change of quotation, we need to analyze it rationally. As some people believe, careful observation of the change of volume is the key to grasp the market change. There is still a period of time before Wanhua overhaul. Wanhua feels out of stock, which also shows the tension of the overall market. Overseas supply has become the focus of the market in the next stage, and the arrival quantity in the next few months will greatly affect the trend of the market

source of information: HC360 Huicong coating industry channel

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