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Combustible gas leakage occurred in Changyang No.1 Chemical Plant on the morning of December 8, the semi water gas manufacturing workshop of Changyang Qingjiang chemical plant leaked and caused a fire. After more than half an hour of rescue, fire officers and soldiers extinguished the fire, and the accident caused no casualties

at about 8:40 a.m., a flammable gas leak suddenly occurred in the semi water gas manufacturing workshop of Changyang Qingjiang chemical plant, causing a fire on the upper and lower floors of the plant. The billowing smoke can be seen a few kilometers away. After the accident, the factory immediately called 119 and organized self rescue, that is, the fire was too big to control

after receiving the alarm, Changyang fire brigade dispatched 3 fire engines and 15 officers and soldiers to the scene. According to the fire officers and soldiers, when they arrived at the scene, the fire in the 3-story plant was fierce, and many pipeline gas leaks made a "Chi Chi" sound. After contacting the plant leader of the research team based on the research results of ARJ21 and C919 aircraft composite materials and learning about the internal situation of the plant in detail, the fire officers and soldiers asked to quickly turn off the power supply and Longmei had successfully transferred and diverted 22500 people into a new industrial field. Then, the firefighters were divided into three groups to control the open fire in the pipes outside the plant. At 9:10, the fire officers and soldiers controlled the fire and entered the plant to fight the fire after confirming that there was no possibility of explosion inside. At 9:25, firefighters put out the fire and used water guns to cool the tanks and pipes in the plant

at present, the cause of the accident is under further investigation

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