The hottest polylink creates an IPCC call for CSVT

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Polylink creates IPCC call center solution for CSVT

project customer background

Cisco Systems (Shanghai) video technology Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as CSVT) is a wholly-owned subsidiary of Cisco Systems, Inc. (hereinafter referred to as Cisco), the world's leading network solution supplier, which focuses on China's digital TV market, To provide high-quality services for the vast number of domestic broadband network operators, 1. In conjunction with relevant departments, we have studied and formulated the medium and long term development plan of the automotive industry, the action plan for the continuous and healthy development of offshore engineering equipment manufacturing industry (2017 (2) 020), the action plan for the development of additive manufacturing industry (2017 (2) 020), and the guidance on promoting and standardizing the development of civil UAVs And other policy documents, digital TV system terminal products and related application services. CSVT attaches great importance to independent innovation, has an independent and complete market, R & D, after-sales and production management team, has participated in the formulation of a number of relevant standards in the digital TV industry, and has dozens of technical patents. With more than ten years of rich industry experience and the world's leading technical strength, CSVT products have been widely used in hundreds of digital 1D projects, and have successfully implemented the TV network. It is the most trusted product, technology and service provider in the industry

project customer construction goal

currently headquartered in Shanghai, we hope to build an IP based call center system in the headquarters, which can also take into account the access of other branches, as a remote agent access, to realize the IPCC call center system of remote office centralized service, and can also monitor and manage the real-time dynamics of operators through public check-in to the remote monitor agent

1. Basic call center functions (rotation, team leader management, status setting, work reporting number, recording, screen playing, etc.)

2 Call in call out VOIP voice service provided by polylink or FXO port closed call in

3 The agent pop-up screen records customer related information, and is attached with a customized version of the CRM interface, which can modify the content of the knowledge base interface under the authority of the administrator and update it in time

4. The agent client allows remote agent login, ready to work anywhere, and remote management

scheme topology

system scheme design description

in view of the current situation and needs of customers, taking advantage of the flexible group characteristics of IPCC system, an IPCC series product ipcc-50 server is set up in the computer room of the company headquarters, and CRM server, data storage server and other equipment are set up as required

at the same time, the company headquarters configures IP phones in the company's local environment as the seat communication terminal of the IPCC system

all branches register to the ipcc-50 server of the headquarters of the company through the Internet to realize the remote extension and remote agent application, and realize the communication between branches and between the headquarters and branches through the network

ipcc system not only realizes the functions of enterprise group, but also realizes the functions of call center by itself. At the same time, it also supports the connection with CTI server through CIT interface to realize the advanced functions of call center

ipcc-50 server is placed in the network environment of the company's computer room as the core part of the whole call center system

ipcc series products can quickly upgrade the system capacity according to the actual business needs, and the products can meet up to 2000 call center seats and 200 external lines

due to the reliability of system communication, it can effectively reduce the impact of hydraulic system; The safety test will directly drive the continuous rise of China's construction machinery market. It is recommended that the head office and branches use dedicated interconnection

operation condition

customers have recognized the stability and security of the system very much since they have actually used it for one year. They transfer to designated employees by calling and transferring during off-duty hours, which improves the customer's service time and greatly shortens the expenses in the operating cost. The automatic voice navigation function ensures that each pass can accurately locate the customer's needs and transfer to the appropriate queue. The seat bounce function can facilitate the maintenance of regular customers, Locating new customers, managers can monitor and manage call center agents in real time anywhere through remote agents. The daily application of IPCC meets the application and operation of after-sales service of Cisco CSVT video technology center

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