The hottest polyimide nano carbon fiber composites

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Polyimide and nano carbon fiber composites

polyimide fiber is a polymer material with good heat resistance. It has a variety of superior physical properties. It is one of the most popular high-tech fibers in the fields of aerospace, radiation protection materials, high temperature and chemical resistance materials. The Russian Institute of polymer chemistry experimented with polyimide crystallization, nano carbon fiber, carbon microfiber to make composites (carbon plastics)

polyimide can crystallize from the melt, and the crystalline structure can improve the heat resistance, water resistance and alkali resistance of the material through quality control. 1,3-bis - (3,3', 4,4'- dicarboxyphenoxy) benzene and 4,4'- bis - (4-aminophenoxy) - 8 were used as adhesives for composites while adding water while adding materials. Polyimide crystallization, adhesive particles, modified carbon nanofibers made in Japan (accounting for 3%) and carbon microfibers made in Russia (accounting for 55%) were made into composites under laboratory conditions. In the experiment, the duration of polyimide crystallization is only one tenth of the usual, the interlayer failure viscosity of the composite increases, and the crystallinity of the composite reaches 40%. The study was funded by the government of the Russian Federation. Considering the future of global energy

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