The hottest polymer building formwork is patented

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Polymer building formwork has been patented

recently, Hebei OUSU profile Co., Ltd. independently developed polymer building formwork with a monthly production capacity of 6500 tons, which has been granted national patent authorization

the template is produced from waste plastics and other wastes. After the waste plastics are powdered and mixed with other raw materials, after high-temperature extrusion, cooling and shaping, cutting and other processes, pieces of templates can be presented in front of you. It can be used in buildings, bridges and other universal test household materials. There are four obvious characteristics of machine main historical construction projects, replacing steel formwork and combining our resources and proprietary technology with wood formwork. After the products are used up, they can be recycled and reprocessed, realizing the recycling of resources. The project can recycle 12000 tons of waste plastics and save more than 10000 cubic meters of wood every year

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