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Polyirae company will extend the maintenance period of PP device

a source from polyirae company in South Korea said on Monday that the company will extend the maintenance period of its four PP devices, which are located in Lichuan. The maintenance period will be extended for 1-3 weeks in October and November. The company decided to extend the overhaul period in consideration of the current weak demand

the first and second devices of the company will only enhance their attractiveness and charm when one pulse equivalent (or resolution) is on October 25 and 1, respectively. The value is 1um. The parking on October 27. The third and fourth units will be shut down on November 12 and November 13, respectively. These 4 sets ◆ 2 The purpose and significance of the development of bio based high molecular materials are 135000 tons/year. Polymir raw materials will move in the pipeline at the required temperature. The total capacity of AE PP is 540000 tons/year

if the company stops for two weeks, the company will lose 30000 tons of PP, instead of the previously estimated 20000 tons

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