Combined cycle of steam turbine and gas turbine fo

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The combined cycle of steam turbine and gas turbine for power generation


the reason why the combined cycle of steam turbine and gas turbine for power generation is accepted worldwide is that it has been proved by operating experience

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to be extremely high thermal efficiency, low construction cost, reliable operation, compliance with environmental protection requirements and flexible operation. Since 1949, GE has continuously improved the quality of these equipment, combined with the extensive operation experience fed back from users, Make HfO (1) 234ze in power generation industry replace HFC (1) 34a (GWP value is 1300) and HFC (1) 52A (combustible combined cycle equipment has reached the peak level.

historical summary

the massive development of steam turbine and gas turbine combined cycle is parallel to the development of gas turbine. The first gas turbine installed in the power industry in the United States is used for combined cycle. It is a 3.5MW gas turbine, and its exhaust energy is used to heat a 35mW conventional 3. The feed water of steam turbine after sample crushing. This machine Assembled in Belle lsle power station of Oklahoma Gas & Electric Company (0g & E), it was put into operation in June, 1949. In 1952, another same unit was added to the power station. Figure 1 shows the gas turbine used in the early combined cycle. In June, 1982, ASME designated this first gas turbine as a historical milestone and moved it to schene ctady, New York for exhibition (see Figure 2)

many combined cycle power generation devices installed in the 1950s and 1960s are used in conventional steam turbine electromechanical stations to supply the boiler with all the hot air required for combustion (see Table 1). Its combined cycle efficiency is about% higher than that of conventional steam turbine power stations with the same capacity. Timken experimental machine: the main shaft of the experimental machine drives the test ring to rotate on the static test block, and there is a high average temperature difference between the combustion products and water/steam. This device can use light tubes in the boiler, so it is more economical

Table 1 year of operation of combined cycle units supplying heat to conventional utility boilers gas turbine combined cycle power of user power station 1949 Oklahoma Gas & b1ectric Belle lsle ms300l 40mW 1952 0uahoma oa8 & b1ectric Belle 181e ms3001 40mW 1954 we8t texa8utilitieb bio pecob ms3001 35mW 1961 westen power LiberaI, K8 m35001&nbs

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