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Combining theory with practice, the effect of user remote training is good

the remote PLC training delivery instrument activity jointly launched by Hexin technology and Tiantian PLC training center has achieved good results as of today, and nearly 100 users all over the country have benefited from it

under the overall training policy, according to the characteristics of PLC and HMI products, the training is divided into two parts: theoretical learning and practical operation. In order to ensure the training quality, Hexin technology specially arranges skilled and experienced training teachers to arrange the training content. Through distance training, we can keep pace with the lecturers, learn and practice at the same time, and let the students completely stay away from the armchair! From the feedback of students' compliance with the current mainstream social thought of environmental protection, the vast majority of students, especially young students, are very willing to participate in the training, can study carefully, and make suggestions in good faith, have a more comprehensive and in-depth understanding and understanding of the performance characteristics of Hexin PLC and HMI, and also play a guiding role in practical work. They will be more skilled in practical operation and complete 9 Ensure that the driving air is clean and dry gas, which is very popular. At the same time, they hope to add more case explanation tips

at present, the distance training is still continuing: 1399 yuan, PLC technology learned, and then send a set of teaching instruments worth 2000 yuan. Unified registration:

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