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Polylactide fresh food packaging materials come out

an Italian company enhances its ability to deal with trade protectionism. It designs and manufactures fresh agricultural product packaging materials with natural polylactide (PLA) produced in the United States. This new packaging material will be used in retail stores throughout Europe, which is the most concerned problem of manufacturers

natural PLA is a bio based polymer, which is fermented by bacteria 100% from corn starch. The company is the largest producer of packaging materials for agricultural products in Europe, producing all kinds of plates and fruit cards. At present, 13.289 million tons of copper ore and its concentrate are imported from Indonesia to China. The sea freight of super flexible ships in southern China is $7.8 per ton (50.6 million tons), and the Panamax shipping fee is 5.5 (6) 5 dollars/ton (70000 tons) plate. In addition to PLA, the company also uses pet and polypropylene as its packaging materials. PLA not only has high strength and transparency, but also provides retailers with the opportunity to use natural based packaging materials for packaging natural products


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