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Tired of shopping? Come to baomeng for a cup of coffee

from March 8 to 10, the annual Guangzhou SIAF industrial automation exhibition was grandly held in Pazhou hall, Guangzhou. As the opening of the new year exhibition, the popularity is enough, and I believe that the audience who came to the exhibition site will have a deep understanding

in booth D01 of hall 5.2, baomeng appeared at the event with its full range of products, including two star products, LX series industrial camera and poscon3d edge detection sensor, which won the award in 2015 for lubricating some parts. LX series industrial cameras support high resolution of up to 20million pixels. LX series high-pixel industrial cameras support double and then add alternating loads for experiments. GigE or camera link interface technology is suitable for applications with high image details and high productivity such as electronic circuit boards. Poscon 3D is a leader in the industry with its unique object edge detection and flexible ability to identify the position, width and gap of objects

lx series industrial cameras

edge sensor figure

at the same time, the bormeng innovative bearingless magnetic stripe encoder hdmag FLE fuse X series is more known as the winding encoder, which is suitable for large shafts with a maximum diameter of 3183mm, and is durable, not affected by dust, external pollution and humidity, and easy to install. For large diameter applications, it can be directly fastened to the drive or motor shaft

this is the first time that the scientific community has used light to push a macro object and realize macro driving.

bearingless magnetic stripe encoder hdmag flex series

in addition to the above highlights, the scene also includes baomeng cleverlevel level switch, verisens series smart camera, NextGen series photoelectric/ultrasonic sensors, Eil580 series absolute value encoder, hog86 heavy-duty encoder and many other excellent products are waiting for your review

in this era of creativity, enterprises show all kinds of fancy products and schemes at the exhibition. How to attract smart audiences to stop without any new ideas

to this end, baomeng held an activity to pay attention to delivering coffee at the exhibition site. Pay attention to baomeng official account and forward the homepage of the wechat to the circle of friends, and you can get a cup of freshly ground mellow coffee for free

How about

? Thirsty and tired, come to baomeng for a drink

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