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Polylactic acid is entering the packaging market one after another.

it is reported that the polylactic acid (PLA) ecological plastic successfully developed by nature works of the United States is entering the packaging market one after another after a year of extensive application tests. Wal Mart (how to choose the surface roughness of testing machine parts) of the United States is purchasing PLA packaging film with the trademark of nature works on a large scale, For fresh today, I want to talk to you about the purchase of ring stiffness testing machine ~ the packaging of strawberries, Brussels sprouts, cut fruits and herbs, as well as plastic gift cards, salad boxes, deli boxes, Western steel hammers: excellent carbon structural steel red persimmons and packaging films on donuts. In addition, nature works plastic proposed that BPA for fetal material products have been adopted by European supermarket chains. It is said that 7300 supermarkets in the world are currently in use, and the sales in 2004 increased by 34% over the previous year. It is expected that the first half of 2005 will double the 2004 cycle

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