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Polyolefin high-end should work together with downstream

in view of the dilemma of polyolefin market falling into a bear market, China chemical industry news recently interviewed a number of industry experts. Experts suggested that, in the current situation of sluggish demand, polyolefin production enterprises should focus on high-end and differentiated varieties, increase the proportion of high-tech products, and achieve industrial innovation and sustainable development in other regions through deep integration with the downstream plastic industry

according to Zheng long, Secretary General of China synthetic resin supply and Marketing Association, at present, more than half of the more than 20 million tons of polyolefins imported by China every year are high-end products, including polypropylene pipes. This time, I hope to further exchange views with you on the cooperation between the two countries, especially the construction of the 21st century Maritime Silk Road, materials for capacitor film, polyethylene automobile fuel tank, gas pipeline, automobile bumper, etc. In the future, with the upgrading of China's manufacturing industry and the promotion of "interconnection" action, the differentiated and personalized needs of the market will become more and more obvious, and the consumption of diversified and special-purpose polyolefin raw materials will increase. Especially in the market environment of sluggish market and weak demand, the value of high-end, differentiated and refined products is more fully reflected

at the recently held third world Plastics Council, Chang Zhenyong, director of Sinopec Chemical Industry Department, also said that an important factor restricting the development of China's synthetic resin industry at present is the lack of independent development capacity of high-end products, few original technologies, high-performance metallocene polyolefin elastomers, high rigidity and high impact polypropylene used in domestic plastic processing industry Diversified modified resins and other products are mainly imported. China has not made breakthrough progress in the research and development of Poe elastomer, ultra-low ash electrical materials and ultra-high voltage cable materials

at present, some domestic enterprises of high-end polyolefins can also produce, but from the perspective of user experience, domestic products and imported products are always a little different. According to Zheng Long's analysis, the subtle differences in products have exposed the shortcomings of the enterprise in the accuracy of process control and the stability of product quality. Zheng Long also pointed out that the service awareness of some domestic polyolefin enterprises also needs to be improved. Upstream and downstream users will encounter many technical problems in the application of high-end special materials. Without the guidance of raw material suppliers, their performance advantages and measuring range will be used × 2、 × It is also difficult to fully reflect the added value

Chang Zhenyong believes that the integrated joint development of the whole plastic industry chain is an effective model in the development and market promotion of high-end polyolefin products. High performance raw materials, refined equipment and high-end products are the common goals of polyolefin and plastics industries. The integrated development of upstream and downstream industries and the road of integration will bring win-win results

it is learned that at present, synthetic resin production and downstream plastic processing industry are still relatively independent systems, and there is no mutual integration and support in the R & D and promotion of new products. The upstream resin production enterprises cannot well meet the needs of plastic processing enterprises, that is, the adsorption and adhesion of protein/cells on the material surface/interface in the body. Plastic processing enterprises lack trust in domestic polyolefin new products. As a result, it is difficult to promote some domestic high-end polyolefin products, and plastic processing enterprises need to import raw materials from abroad at a high price every year, This situation is very unfavorable to the upgrading of both industries

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