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Polylink creates a first-class enterprise unified communication platform for Helmand

customer background

Helmand is a world leading German Kitchen service provider focusing on China. At present, Helmand is headquartered in Zixiu Road, Shanghai, China, and has stores in Beijing, Shenzhen, Wuhan, Hangzhou, Chongqing, Chengdu and other places to provide customers with an integrated comprehensive kitchen solution of early-stage consultation, product experience, overall design, installation and construction, and after-sales service, aiming to become the first brand of German integrated kitchen preferred by Chinese customers

customer needs

Helmand began to use polylink ippbx2.0 system five years ago. Polylink's mature and stable IP voice technology and timely and thoughtful service support left a good impression on customers. As a fast-growing company, Helmand's demand for communication has also been increasing through experimental analysis. Since the beginning of the year, he has communicated with polylink on upgrading the headquarters' system ippbx3.0 unified communication platform, configuring a small ix3.0 and headquarters group for each of the 15 exhibition halls across the country, and deploying IPCC unified customer contact center for the headquarters for many times, and finally reached an agreement in June this year, And began the specific deployment and implementation


the headquarters system is upgraded to ix3.0. The Siemens openstage series SIP phones originally registered on the 2.0 system are also fully compatible with the new 3.0 system

there are 15 stores all over the country, and each store is equipped with an ix3.0. Polylink provides customers with the most economical hardware solutions, which greatly saves customers' cost investment

the system of the store is connected with the sip of the headquarters system, and the local extensions directly dial IP to each other, saving 100% of the internal fees

the headquarters will build a professional customer service contact center, using polylink ipcc3.0 system. After the deployment of IPCC, it will also dock with ix3.0 of the headquarters

system features

ippbx3.0 features

paperless fax solves the need for hemand to deploy a large number of fax machines in multiple stores and headquarters, greatly saving costs

voice recording supports manual and automatic recording, which solves the demand of flexible recording for Helmand

the broadcast function is to solve the slow situation of email notification for Helmand to solve temporary matters, and broadcast directly through the IPPBX function key

the phone carries the forking function to solve the problem for Helmand. Users can use the phone equipment in other locations as their own office extension and get the same use experience as their own extension

the automatic phone distribution configuration function solves the problem of a large number of labor costs for Helmand to deploy terminals in many stores across the country. It only needs to put the phone on the station and plug in the power supply and cable to realize the automatic phone distribution configuration

call temporary storage users can temporarily hold and store the current call. At this time, the other party of the current call will hear the background music, and the system will store the call and return the acquisition code. Users who need to connect this temporary call can use the temporary code to answer this call through other extensions

multi level IVR supports multi-level automatic response, and multi-level IVR menus can be defined in the form of directory tree to truly realize graphics. Users basically do not need the manufacturer's technical support to complete complex IVR definitions, and the maximum support is 9-level menus and IVR voice navigation in special periods such as commuting, weekends, holidays, etc

ipcc3.0 takes you into the world's distinctive functions with colorful springs

vip service supports the provision of VIP services for some customers, so that the VIP customers can enjoy the treatment of superior service compared with other component preparation software. The system includes two modes: VIP dedicated line (designated access number) and caller ID to determine whether the incoming call is a VIP customer

the broadcast system of customer queuing position supports the regular broadcast of the current queuing position of customers in the queue waiting, and allows customers to terminate the current queue according to voice prompts and enter other call processes, making the customer experience more humanized

the permission management system allows flexible settings of roles and permission ranges, and gives different functional permissions to different roles. The default roles are monitor, team leader, and seat

seat favorites function key setting system supports global customization of seat favorites button function key function (HTTP access to third-party systems), which is convenient for integration with CRM and reduces users' secondary development workload

seat monitor/Secret Language/strong plug function switching the monitor seat can switch functions between monitor, secret language and strong plug without hanging up, which facilitates the operation of the seat and the function switching does not need to hang up and restart the call

the predictive outbound call system supports the definition of multiple predictive outbound call tasks, the simultaneous implementation of multiple outbound call tasks at the same time (priority is not distinguished between tasks), the proportion setting of outbound call occupied seats/reserved seats, and the control of external line concurrency; It includes two task startup modes: automatic startup and manual startup

the user-defined report system supports user-defined reports. You can define the template and style of the report according to your needs, and generate reports that meet your specific needs, providing the flexibility of the system report

the approval function supports the agent to complete the function of applying for rest through the agent client function key when he needs to leave for rest. After the attendant agrees to leave, the agent can receive the approval result without raising his hand or shouting in the conversation room to inform the attendant

project significance

polylink uses the latest IP voice technology to replace the traditional TDM switching technology, and integrates the voice network into the data network. Users only need to maintain a set of fusion system. In the past, long-distance calls between branches can now be transmitted directly through the data network, and IP voice technology can achieve more diverse functions, enhance user satisfaction, and effectively enhance the efficiency and strength of internal employee communication

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