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The national groundwater monitoring project has completed the real-time sharing of environmental monitoring by tens of thousands of monitoring points

as the "pillar" of environmental management, which will continue to be strengthened under the background of the promotion of ecological environment construction. With the national policy preference and increased capital investment in the environmental monitoring industry, the whole society has paid more attention to environmental issues, increased environmental monitoring sites and upgraded environmental monitoring technology. This has greatly promoted the rational utilization of groundwater resources and the prevention and control of groundwater pollution

groundwater monitoring means that the groundwater monitoring management department monitors the groundwater level, water quality and other data in the area under its jurisdiction, so as to timely grasp the dynamic changes and protect the groundwater for a long time. It was learned from the 2019 national geological survey work conference that the construction of the national groundwater monitoring project organized and implemented by the China Geological Survey Bureau of the Ministry of natural resources has been fully completed, which has greatly improved the specialization and automation level of the development survey of Jinan testing machine factory for groundwater monitoring in China

the national groundwater monitoring project has built a total of 10168 national specialized groundwater monitoring stations with clear horizons, all of which are installed with integrated groundwater automatic monitoring equipment, realizing the automatic collection and real-time transmission of groundwater level and water temperature monitoring data in major plain basins and human activity economic zones in China, and real-time sharing of groundwater monitoring data with water conservancy departments. It will provide important support for scientific management of water resources, prevention and control of geological environmental problems, and construction of ecological civilization

the remarkable achievements of the national groundwater quality monitoring project can not be separated from the concentrated efforts of all parts of the country. In 2018, Anhui Provincial Department of natural resources actively organized and implemented the groundwater monitoring project. The project has completed the construction and protection of 200 new national groundwater monitoring wells, the reconstruction of 170 existing groundwater monitoring wells, and the completion of auxiliary facilities at 370 monitoring stations. Since the connective tissue filled in the damaged part is more fragile than the bone tissue, the project is equipped with 370 sets of automatic collection equipment for groundwater level and temperature information through the installation of aging asphalt regeneration mechanism research device. It realizes the effective monitoring of groundwater environment

Henan has invested 45million yuan in the construction of groundwater monitoring project. As a river, the construction project of geological environment monitoring network with the largest one-time investment in southern province is measured with a dial indicator based on two force pillars. It is planned to build 387 monitoring stations, with a total drilling footage (Note: drilling or drilling engineering terms, reflecting the progress of mining or drilling) of 36700 meters. This project will improve the groundwater monitoring network in Henan, improve the monitoring density and monitoring accuracy, and is of great significance to protect the ecological environment

coincidentally, the national groundwater monitoring project (water conservancy part) in Jiangsu Province recently passed the completion acceptance organized by the Ministry of water resources, marking the full completion of the national groundwater monitoring project in Jiangsu Province. The total investment of this project is 36.98 million yuan. A total of 523 monitoring stations, 499 sets of water level (water temperature) instruments and equipment, and 5 automatic water quality monitoring stations have been built; Provincial monitoring centers and sub centers at prefectural and municipal levels were established, 7 sets of business software were deployed, and 195 sets of patrol survey and monitoring well maintenance equipment were provided, which further expanded the control range and station density of groundwater monitoring in the province, and realized the real-time monitoring of groundwater dynamics and groundwater overexploitation areas in the province

in the past year, the water quality monitoring industry has witnessed considerable development driven by the policy dividend and the release of market demand. When the construction of the national surface water quality automatic monitoring station is in full swing, the construction stage of the national groundwater monitoring project has been basically completed. Next, the maintenance and monitoring of groundwater monitoring network need to be focused

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