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On July 10, all members of the graduate Party branch of the Institute of turbomachinery of the school of mechanical and power engineering went to Shanghai steam turbine plant to carry out the summer social practice of the "joint plan" and went deep into the production workshop and assembly line, Have a close experience of the whole process of processing and general assembly of important components of domestic high-end power generation equipment steam turbines and gas turbines, and have a more intuitive understanding and understanding of large-scale heavy equipment

in the afternoon, the members of the branch, led by the Secretary of the branch, chenguanjiang, came to Shanghai steam turbine plant at No. 333, Jiangchuan road. Founded in 1953, Shanghai turbine works is the first turbine manufacturer in China and the only large state-owned enterprise in China's power plant equipment industry. Shanghai turbine plant mainly designs and manufactures thermal power turbine, nuclear power turbine and heavy gas turbine, and also produces marine turbine, fan and other power machinery. This is very consistent with the research field of electromechanical students in the Institute of turbomachinery. The research object of scientific research projects in ordinary days can finally see the true face of Lushan this time, and the students' excitement is beyond words

at the gate of SAIC plant, wujianzhong, director of technical management office, welcomed the students. He first led us to visit the largest Turbine workshop in the plant. The whole workshop covers an area of nearly 80000 square meters and can be used for the final assembly of ten 300MW or above cylinders. The technical director of the workshop introduced the glorious history of the workshop to the students in detail. China's first ultra-high pressure 125MW Steam Turbine, the first 310mW nuclear steam turbine and the first ultra supercritical 1000MW steam turbine were all manufactured in this workshop. Here, the students also saw the 1710mm long blade of the most advanced nuclear power turbine independently designed and manufactured by Shanghai turbine works. The blade has been used in the newly developed AP1000 nuclear power steam turbine unit. The steam turbine valves, cylinders, blades with the largest cracks and other core components studied by the students in the school are displayed here. Based on their own scientific research experience, the students had a heated exchange and discussion with the on-site technical personnel

after visiting the Turbine workshop, the students were still not satisfied. Wujianzhong also led you to visit the general assembly workshop of gas turbines with higher technical level and greater manufacturing difficulty. We pay special attention to the general trend of environmental and social development. On both sides of the visiting passage are neatly placed the wheel disc, torque disc, turbine wheel disc, shaft head and pull rod to be assembled, which will cause some problems and main parts such as cylinder during the experiment process. On the production line, the master worker is assembling the moving and stationary blades into the mortise. The workshop leader also specially showed the most valuable part of the gas turbine: the first stage blade of the turbine. Each blade coated with heat-resistant ceramic material is worth more than 300000 yuan. The person in charge said that now this kind of blade can be produced independently in the port factory of Shanghai Electric Group, and the students were encouraged

then, everyone came to the gas turbine parts workshop for exchange and learning. Here, the students learned how the parts and components in the assembly workshop were processed and manufactured. Workshop technicians carefully introduced the design and processing difficulties of each component to the students, and encouraged the students to cherish the learning opportunities in the school, strive to master the cutting-edge technologies for the design, testing, processing and production of high-end industrial equipment such as gas turbines, and join the advanced manufacturing industry after graduation to contribute to the "made in China 2025"

through the summer practice of the "joint plan", the students had a deep understanding of the current situation of China's gas turbine and steam turbine manufacturing and the gap with the international advanced technology level, realized the spirit of hard work of SAIC people in the new era, and strengthened their determination and confidence to join the national key industries. Students said that as student party members, they should go to the posts needed by the country and the people, never forget their original intentions, keep their mission in mind, forge ahead, and contribute to the breakthrough of China's "two machine" technology


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