The Great Wall training for Bonner dealers in 2009

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The 2009 great wall training for Bonner dealers was successfully concluded

it took one month, and the training for Bonner Great Wall dealers in major regions of China was successfully completed in July, 2009. As an important part of Bonner's support for dealers. Bonner distribution Great Wall training is an important part of Bonner's channel training support system. Train more professional technical engineers with more developing dealers through centralized training and technical demonstration

the on-site training products have been put into the domestic key pen industry companies to achieve mass production photos

with the continuous expansion of Bonner's product line, Bonner will have more and more new products every year, and the application fields and industrial application fields will be constantly updated. New products introduced: Tower lamp, wireless application, visual P5, etc. Through Bonner's professional training instructors, more products and applications will be recommended to dealers across the country. Every year, the Great Wall training with dealers for Grade 1 rebar (hpb235) is generally plain rebar, and there are also updated parts

hands on operation in training

Bonner's training not only introduces the performance and characteristics of products, but also introduces them in combination with their applications. Through professional demonstration and application of products, dealers can get in touch with Bonner's products through more practical operations. During the training, the dealer's staff also had a heated discussion with Bonner's training teachers, and put forward many opinions and suggestions, including hardware and software. I hope that next year's training will bring you more valuable information

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