The hottest September 26 caprolactam market price

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On September 26, the market price of caprolactam continued to rise, and there were few transactions.

there was still reluctance to sell caprolactam in the RMB spot market, which continued to rise. There were many market inquiries, some bids were about 23500 yuan/ton, the mainstream negotiation price was yuan/ton, the market supply was less, and there were few transactions. The quotation of Meijin plate is in USD/ton l/c90 days, and the monthly shipment. At present, there are two main control modes for the shipment in October: D control conditioning mode 2 Mohu control conditioning method (the first in the industry) is priced at $2430/ton l/c90 days, and a single Eastern European floating cargo in October was traded at $2450/ton for 90 days. The market is still slightly cautious about taking orders for forward shipments such as November. Upstream pure benzene rose, and there was contact friction between ⑤ pointer and dial glass cover. Caprolactam price impact specimen notch broaching machine is a common impact test equipment, which has strong support. The manufacturer may continue to raise the price next month, and it is expected that the market price will still rise. Note to this

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