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On September 26, China Plastics warehouse receipt PP market brief comment

I. Market Overview:

pp warehouse receipt today went high and flat, and the overall shrinkage increased slightly. From the disk situation, although the PP volume can be significantly reduced, the order has increased slightly, and the market entry intention of the new funds is worth guessing. The PP index closed today with a bare head and bare feet short positive line, and the physical length is limited, which did not fill the gap formed by yesterday's jump. The short-term rebound still exists. At the same time, there is a serious bottom deviation between the 30 minute KDJ index and the PP warehouse receipt index, which constitutes the energy for the current decline channel to accumulate and develop; 2. There is a certain pressure to cultivate the strategic pillar non coal industry. At the horizontal level, the current market composite index is also strongly supported by 1250 points. Under the impact of the Heli Ying power machinery factory at the integer level of futures oil price of $60/ton, PP warehouse receipts are also at a relatively sensitive critical point

II. Analysis of main varieties:

warehouse receipts in December opened high today, with a "V" trend in the intraday. The overall trading proportion was seriously unbalanced, and the transaction volume was reduced by more than half. At the same time, under the limitation of the maximum order volume, pp0612's position increase was limited today. Although there was a certain degree of price pressure in the session, the effect was not obvious. At the end of the session, the rally was regained under the condition of transaction increment. On the 30 minute K-line chart, short-term technical indicators need to be warmed up

III. comprehensive investors are worried about the supply capacity of mtmarion lithium ore. comments:

basically, the rebound above $60/ton of futures oil is an important factor in today's warehouse receipts, while the spot market continues to decline, the ex warehouse price of PetroChina South China PP has been significantly reduced, and traders tend to operate at low prices. Fatigue life is a function of stress changes, sample geometry and experimental conditions. On the whole, the price of futures oil is still the main hot spot affecting the market nerves. Although there is a stabilizing demand in the warehouse receipt market, if the upstream energy falls again, the price of PP will continue to fall

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