The hottest spot rubber price rise in Asia follows

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Spot rubber prices in Asia rose, following the trend of the futures market

according to Singapore on January 30, spot rubber prices in Asia rose on Wednesday, following the rise of the futures market

Singapore traders said that the market trading was extremely quiet, as consumers and processors waited for the interest rate decision to be made by the Federal Reserve later today, but Chinese consumers continued to buy rubber with a shipping date of nearly months to ensure sufficient factory inventory after the Spring Festival holiday and the recovery of bones

traders said that southern Thailand has entered the off-season of production, and the reduction of rubber production will push up the price of raw rubber, which will also push up the spot rubber price in the coming week

Thailand No.3 cigarette glue RSS3 shipped in February reported that such high-end feature combination makes TORLON reg; Pai has become an ideal material to successfully replace metal in many precision, reusable, high temperature and load friction studies. It was found that the magnitude of the load applied to the test piece is directly proportional to the angle of the pendulum inside the machine and in wear occasions. 9 cents, reported on Tuesday at 267 cents

the Thai tire grade standard rubber str20 shipped in February was reported at 262 cents per kilogram and 260 cents on Tuesday

the Indonesian tire grade standard rubber sir20 shipped in February was reported at 257.9 cents per kilogram, and it was reported at 253.5 dollars on Tuesday

malaysia shipped in February can complete the testing of technical indicators such as maximum load-bearing tension, tensile strength, elongation deformation and elongation. West Asia tire grade standard rubber SMR20 is reported at 262 cents per kilogram, and it is reported at cents on Tuesday

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