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Beijing will implement new emission standards, change the number and keep the price of gasoline unchanged

from May 31, motor vehicles will eat "Beijing five year plan" oil

from May 31, the city's gas stations will supply more detailed "refined grain" to more than 5 million motor vehicles

this morning, the Municipal Environmental Protection Bureau announced that in order to ensure the implementation of Beijing's fifth phase of vehicle emission standards, the fifth phase of vehicle gasoline and diesel standards will be implemented from May 31, and the price of oil products will not be increased temporarily

in the fifth stage, the two local standards of vehicle gasoline and vehicle diesel respectively stipulate the product classification, marking, technical requirements, test methods, sampling, packaging, marking, transportation, storage and safety requirements of vehicle gasoline and diesel, which are mandatory standards

Jingwu oil change: No. 90, 93, 97 will disappear

change 1

Department interpretation: according to Li kunsheng, director of the motor vehicle emission management division of the Municipal Environmental Protection Bureau, this oil product adjustment will be the largest in the city. In the past four stages of the implementation of the national vehicle emission standards, the gasoline brand has never been adjusted, but the relevant indicators have been adjusted in accordance with European norms. This time, all gasoline brands have been adjusted with the implementation of Beijing five-stage oil products

with the continuous tightening of vehicle exhaust emission requirements in various countries, the fifth stage gasoline standard requires that manganese containing additives should not be used artificially, which makes it difficult for the octane number of domestic gasoline to maintain the original level. Therefore, it is in line with the existing domestic actual situation to adjust the domestic gasoline rank in time

in the fifth stage of Beijing, the local standard vehicle gasoline grades were adjusted from 90, 93 and 97 to 89, 92 and 95 respectively. According to the environmental protection department, in order to help consumers understand the changes of gasoline grades, an introduction was added to the standard according to the opinions of the expert review meeting. Before June 15, 2. Measurement range: 2% of the maximum experimental force, 100% of the city's gas stations will be adjusted in place

◆ expert comments: Fu Xingguo, deputy chief engineer of Sinopec Research Institute, said that European and American countries do not have the brand of No. 97 oil, and the highest is No. 96 in Japan. This adjustment is to be in line with international standards. After the adjustment, Beijing's oil standards will be basically consistent with European and American oil standards

however, due to the different longitude and latitude in various countries, some standards of oil products will be slightly different. In the future, the oil brand number in this city will not change much

sulfur content will be greatly reduced

change 2

Department interpretation: in order to ensure the normal use of vehicles in the fifth stage and reduce pollutant emissions of all in-service vehicles, the sulfur content index limit is reduced from 50mg Qingdao Dipai New Material Co., Ltd. to 10mg/kg according to the utilization experiment of synthetic gutta percha

according to Li kunsheng, after the supply of new oil products, each gas station will be given a two-month buffer period. "After the new oil products are pulled to the gas station, the old oil products will be replaced one after another. Two months later, that is, on July 31, the sulfur content index limit of the oil products provided by the gas station will be reduced to 10mg/kg.

from August 1, the city will organize the industry and Commerce Department to increase the frequency of spot check and detection of the quality of refined oil products in the circulation field in accordance with relevant regulations and new standards, strengthen the supervision of vehicle fuel quality, and prohibit the production, import and sales from not meeting the new standards Approved vehicle fuel

◆ expert comments: with the continuous tightening of the requirements for vehicle exhaust emissions in various countries, reducing the sulfur content in vehicle fuel has become a major symbol of the improvement of the quality of vehicle fuel in the world. This is because the existence of sulfur in the fuel will cause exhaust gas, but the repeatability is not high; On the contrary, the poisoning of catalyst in the catalyst will reduce the conversion efficiency and fail to achieve the goal of emission reduction

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