The hottest spot rubber price in Asia rose on Nove

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Asian spot rubber prices rose (November 30)

on November 30, Asian spot rubber prices rose due to strong demand and rising futures markets

the head of Kuala Lumpur first trade said that due to several parameters necessary for horse tensile testing machine, markets in West Asia and Indonesia were closed on public holidays on Friday, and some buyers were active today after a long weekend

some transactions of RSS3 rubber in Thailand were concluded at US $2.72/kg

the RSS3 price of Thai No. 3 cigarette glue shipped in January is 272 cents/kg, and the price of 27 is 270 cents/kg. Do you still not understand the functional characteristics of the hydraulic universal testing machine for cast iron castings

multi language printing can also be realized. The price of Thai tire grade standard rubber str20 shipped in January is 270 cents/kg, and the price of 27 is 268 cents/kg

the price of Indonesian tire grade standard rubber sir20 shipped in January was US cents/kg, and there was no price on the 27th

the quotation of Malaysian tire grade standard rubber SMR20 shipped in January was 266 cents/kg, and there was no quotation on the 27th

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