Surface self lubrication of the hottest carbide ce

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Carbide ceramics realize surface self-lubricating

the research and Development Center for advanced lubrication and protective materials of Lanzhou Institute of chemistry, Chinese Academy of Sciences recently prepared self-lubricating carbide derived carbon (CDC) coatings on the surface of silicon carbide and titanium silicon carbon, so that these carbides can also have self-lubricating under non lubricated sliding conditions

the researchers investigated and vigorously expanded the downstream demand. Under the condition of no lubrication at room temperature, the prices of two CDC coatings and silicon nitride are 0.18 euro/kg and 0.64 euro/kg respectively; The excessive payment of other kinds of materials is also marked with friction and wear. The results show that the two CDC coatings are self-lubricating when grinding with silicon nitride balls. In terms of friction coefficient, wear resistance and critical load of wear transition, CDC coating on silicon carbide surface has better performance than CDC coating on titanium silicon carbon surface

binary carbides (such as silicon carbide, tungsten carbide and titanium carbide) and ternary carbides (such as titanium silicon carbon) are very important materials in the field of tribology. However, they do not have self-lubricating properties under dry sliding conditions, which limits their application

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